• Unlock your engine‚Äôs full potential – Manufacturers purposely downgrade the performance of your vehicle from the factory.
  • Increase the overall performance of the vehicle
  • Extra Torque
  • More horsepower
  • Bring the pleasure back into driving
  • Smoother power delivery
  • Sharper throttle response.
  • Improved overtaking
  • Can help remove any flat spots that the vehicle may have
  • Faster acceleration
  • Improved towing performance for trailers and caravans.
  • You will be able climb hills with less work and gear changing.
  • Removal of speed limit on certain vehicles
  • Undetectable through normal servicing.
  • Better fuel economy on turbo diesel vehicles or your money back .*
  • 14 day no quibble money back guarantee.*


For cars which are fitted with many after market performance modifications, a full custom mapping / tuning session is normally needed to release the vehicle’s full potential. After market parts can change the characteristics of the engine quite dramatically, and will therefore need to have the management system adjusted to suit.

For example, fitting a high flow air filter, a bigger bore exhaust system or a larger turbo charger will each increase the airflow of the engine, meaning you will have a greater volume of air compressed into the cylinders on each stroke than normal. If the vehicle is not mapped to suit these modifications then your car could run lean (too little fuel for the amount of air), and could cause problems like burning out spark plugs, melting pistons or worse. With a custom mapping session we would increase the volume of fuel going into the engine to suit the amount of air to get the perfect air fuel ratio (stoichiometric combustion) to make the car run safely and to it’s maximum potential.

Powerchips can take on most types of custom tuning work on many types of ECU’s, including OEM and various after market standalone management systems.
We can undertake this kind of work by utilising our Superflow rolling road or engine dyno which are capable of handling the power that most road and race cars can throw at them. With this equipment we are able to simulate road conditions enabling us to make the best of your car.

Custom mapping / tuning is a time consuming process which cannot, and should not be rushed. When doing this type of work the vehicle needs to be tested under all types of load conditions and throttle positions so that we can make the car close to being as easy and smooth to drive as a normal standard road car, obviously some cars with extreme modifications will never run like a normal road car. Custom mapping work like this tends to take at least half a day, and sometimes can quite often consume a full day, if not more.

Will a Powerchip work with my after-market performance parts? –
Most modifications including performance air filters and high flow exhaust systems change the airflow characteristics of the engine, increasing the oxygen levels in the combustion chamber, but not the fuel.

With increased amounts of oxygen in the engine, the fuel can be optimised to get the engine to produce close to stoichiometric combustion (we don’t actually want perfect combustion, just close as there needs to be a bit of a safety gap with fuel so the engine doesn’t run lean). Stoichiometric combustion is the process where perfect combustion is seen, carbon (C) is turned to carbon dioxide (CO2), hydrogen (H) to water (H2O), and sulphur (S) to sulphur dioxide (SO2). All the components of the air and fuel are maximised so as to burn away completely.

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