Subaru Impreza with GT35 on Dyno

A friends Subaru Impreza is back in again now running a GT35 with 2bar of boost and screamer pipe

Ford Escort GTI 2.0 on Dyno

Ford Escort GTI 2.0 full run on dyno after being remapped, 170bhp.

Ford Focus RS Cosworth on Dyno

Ford Focus RS Cosworth Race Car, 4wd YB engined 500bhp Monster!

Ford Escort RS Cosworth on Dyno

Ford Escort RS Cosworth Monte doing a full run on our dyno…

Ferrari F430 through gear testing

Ferrari F430 in for remapping work, dyno run saw 160mph, just listen…

Subaru Impreza on Dyno

Subaru Impreza doing a full power run on our dyno.

Ginetta G50 race car video

A video of a Ginetta G50 race car which was brought into us to put on our dyno to diagnose and cure a running issue.

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