Q: Will a Powerchip reduce the engines lifespan?
A: With the improved performance gains, more work and load is placed on the engine, we take the power up to what we deem as a safe level where engine life won’t be affected.

Q: Does it affect the warranty?
A: Any modifications from standard can affect your warranty, our Powerchips modifications are generally undetectable, even by main dealers. Our suggestion is that you talk to your dealer yourself if you dare, some really don’t mind a chip / remap and I have come across some main agents that will actually recommend a Powerchip themselves.

Q: Do I need to tell my insurance company?
A: All modifications from standard should be declared, so yes you should do. The end decision is yours, but don’t forget that Powerchips are nearly all undetectable.

Q: Does my wife need to know?
A: We’ll let you decide on this one!

Q: Will it improve my MPG?
A: On a turbo diesel vehicle, a Powerchips upgrade WILL improve fuel economy, sadly on petrol cars this isn’t generally the case.

Q: My car has 150k miles on the clock, should I fit a Powerchip?
A: This all depends on the actual condition of your engine. If it is in good condition then you won’t have a problem, in fact, on some of the HGV’s, our customers will only fit a Powerchip after 1 million miles.

Q: Can you chip my modified car?
A: Yes we can, our Powerchips are mapped with minor modifications in mind. If you have an exhaust, air filter etc then our Powerchip will be perfect. We can also do custom tuning on the rolling road for cars with more extreme after market parts that need a custom map.

Q: Where is my ECU or OBD diagnostic port located?
A: Please look at the ECU location guide, this shows the locations of a wide variety of vehicles, if yours isn’t showing please phone us.

Q: I live miles away and want my car chipped / remapped, what should I do? Can I have a Powerchip by Mail Order?
A: You can have your car fitted with a Powerchip in a few different ways. The best way is to bring the whole vehicle to us. Alternatively in most cases you can remove the ECU yourself and send it to us, we would fit / remap the ECU with a Powerchip and send the ECU back on a next day courier service. Another way is by seeing one of our Flashpoint agents.

Q: If I post my ECU to you, how long does it take to get it back?
A: Normally it is a 3 day turnaround. If you were to send it on a next day service, we would receive it, modify it and send it out the same day, so a 3 day turnaround from start to finish.

Q: Do you have any dealers located around the country that can fit a Powerchip?
A: Yes, we have set up some “Powerchips Flashpoint” dealers nationwide, they can modify your ECU using the Genius equipment and our maps without having to remove the ECU from the car.

Q: What fuel should I use after fitting a Powerchip?
A: On a petrol car we recommend that super unleaded fuel is used after being fitted with a Powerchip, with super unleaded you will see the benefits of the chip much much more. On a diesel you can use standard fuel.

Q: Do you offer a discount on a Powerchip if I was to buy a Mongoose exhaust?
A: Yes we do, contact us for details. Visit Mongoose Exhausts

Q: Do my brakes need upgrading?
A: They shouldn’t need upgrading, the power differences sadly aren’t great enough to warrant uprated brakes, that is unless you drive like a maniac, and then if you feel you need to, do it.

Q: How much power will I get?
A: This depends on the model of the Vehicle. We have listed expected power increases on the drop down menu of upgrades. Please be aware that these are approximate increases as vehicles of the same model can differ in performance.

***Q: Why don’t manufacturers offer this when the vehicle is new?
A: Vehicles are mapped by manufacturers to be used all around the world in all sorts of changing conditions with different qualities of fuel, these are some of the reasons:

Q: Why do you get a significant amount of extra power on a turbo car compared to a normally aspirated car?
A: A turbocharger is in effect adding displacement to an engine due to the way it compresses the air that flows into it. When remapping these turbocharged vehicles, one of the things we increase is turbo boost pressure so the air that enters the engine is compressed even more than normal increasing volume, in turn the amount of fuel can be increased to suit, and hence gives a big power increase. On a normally aspirated car there is no way of increasing the volume of the air like a turbocharged vehicle and so power gains aren’t as dramatic.

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