Custom Tuning

Collins Performance Engineering Ltd Powerchips are dedicated to providing ultimate bespoke packages specifically design for the dedicated enthusiast and motorsport industry.
The level and type of upgrades cannot be listed as they are individual to each vehicle.

Powerchips are justly proud of their state of the art Superflow dynos renowned among the worlds most accurate available on the market this coupled with an extensive cooling and extraction system makes us one of the best equipped dyno facilities in the UK.

Some of the high performance vehicles we have worked on recently

Our Superflow 800 4X4 chassis dyno features 107cm rollers for minimum tyre deflection and maximum contact patch. Torque is measured with temperature compensating load cell for precise torque and power readings. The dyno can run a large variety of built in vehicle tests including single or all gear tests at wide open throttle, with controlled acceleration and deceleration, step, steady state, aero load and cycle tests can easily run with dual eddy current power absorber module. Steady state and drive cycle tests can be performed at full or partial throttle settings.

Our rolling road is available for simply power runs or for ultimate advance and live tuning.
Our Superflow SF902 engine dyno is used to measure power characteristics of your engine and is also used for research and development; we are able to evaluate modifications ongoing. Whether it is a road engine or race engine we can ensure it is optimised and running correctly before installation into the vehicle.

In addition Powerchips are able to advise you on what other products can improve the performance of your car this may be as simple as changing an air filter through total optimization specification most of these items are available directly from our extensive product range therefore we are able to offer special discounts on ultimate performance packages.
Contact is now to discuss your needs and start unlocking the potential in your engine.

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