Heavy Goods Vehicles

PowerchipsBy answering a few simple questions our own in house programmers will provide new engine maps that unlock your engines potential.
The majority of vehicles can be remapped via the OB D or diagnostic port and in these cases most work is completed within the hour for the few that cannot be done in this way work can take up to three hours in any case will advise you beforehand the expected time it will take to upgrade your vehicle. All work is carried out at your chosen location at a time to suite your logistic needs
The reason why we are able to make improvements in your vehicle is due to the fact that In the development of a modern engine manufacturers have to take several key considerations into account in their design that will enable them to provide a specific horse power rating in a multiple of scenarios.

  1. Varying and extreme climatic conditions
  2. Variations in the quality of fuel
  3. Poor servicing and maintenance regime
  4. Poor driving
  5. Environmental
  6. Warranty
  7. Cost

PowerchipsIn order to meet as many criteria as possible they produce a one shoe fits all engine that will operate in as many varying conditions as possible, as a result of this many engines are down rated. In remapping your vehicle we give back some of the potential in your engine. By listening to your operating needs and the work cycle of your vehicle we provide a unique and optimum tuning package that will improve your driving experience, improve performance and reduce your fuel costs. What we will not do is modify your engine by any amount that you could not reasonably expect from it.
All our staff have been fully trained and use the latest technology and equipment.
All commercial vehicle upgrades carry a lifetime warranty in addition to this we offer a 60day money back guarantee so if you are not totally satisfied we can restore your vehicle to original and give you a full refund(see terms and conditions for more detail)
If you have any further questions why not look in our frequently asked questions or complete the contact enquiry form and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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