Diesel Cars

PowerchipsAt Powerchips we are able to offer a specifically tailored solution to improve you cars performance depending on the age and type of vehicle.
With a Powerchips upgrade you will you wonít just see an improvement in power and torque you will discover a whole new driving experience with better acceleration improved overtaking and smoother gear changes, for vehicles that tow moving off and hill climbing.
Most engines are down rated or restricted from the outset by the manufacturer for several reasons.

  1. Varying climatic conditions
  2. Geographical
  3. Poor fuel
  4. Bad servicing
  5. Bad driving
  6. Commercial

PowerchipsA Powerchip upgrade will unlock some of that potential whilst the methods vary the outcome remains. The level of improvement can also vary between normally aspirated, turbo petrol and turbo diesel

For normally aspirated diesel engines.
A performance upgrade for normally aspirated engines can provide
10-15% Power improvement

For Turbo Diesel engines
20- 50% +improvement in power
For more specific information on the amount of power improvement for your particular vehicle please select your vehicle from the list. In all cases the difference you will find is

  • Improved throttle response
  • Better overtaking
  • Fewer and smoother gear changes
  • More enjoyable driving experience
  • Improved mpg

Powerchips can also advise you on any other modifications that can be made to yourvehicle that will further improve your power and driving experience

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